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From beautiful quiet symphonic melancholy to some screaming loud overdriven schizophrenia. One of the coolest things about the album for me is the variation in vocal styles across the whole thing. The band lost the singer Jani Ramo in the process luckily, because he was not good and they used four different vocalists and a choir in substitution.

Lillake band

It seems Steven Wilson is only involved with one item here, a single length version of "Nothing at All" one of Gentle Giants many classic songs. The production was again taken by the drummer and […] Recent Posts. Still, as with any authorized release, the quality and craftsmanship is awesome.

Lillake band

Lillake band

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  1. From beautiful quiet symphonic melancholy to some screaming loud overdriven schizophrenia. This track was indeed just a single idea, rather than a teaser for a full album, as Nico elaborates:

  2. I reached out to Nico to find out more about Become, how it all started and what was next for the band.

  3. In true LILLAKE style never constrained to a traditional album format they are recording a new release right now, but this track will not be on it. They created something small a side project with a single riff, not even a whole song initially , used technology to help develop it and kept trying things, never giving up.

  4. There's a lot to likeTight ensemble playing.

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