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Are there any other colors in the aura besides the 14 life colors described? That is why I do the work that I do!

Life colors pamala oslie

Every aura color has its own unique: Key Points of the Aura Colors System 1 The aura is not reflective of socialization or parenting patterns.

Life colors pamala oslie

Life colors pamala oslie

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  1. Greens like to live in larger cities that focus on finance, investing, stock broking, big business, entrepreneurship, and other ways of making money.

  2. Gold is a very high vibration and can show up as a life color in an extremely evolved spiritual person, such as Jesus or Sathya Sai Baba.

  3. There may have been a life threatening situation choking, nearly drowning, suffocating, etc.

  4. Another possibility is that you have learned how to use your life color s in a more positive and balanced way and hence it may seem you are not the same person you used to be.

  5. So what does the aura represent? Aura photography is used to study the high-frequency energy fields known as the aura.

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