Libra woman and scorpio woman


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Note there's a difference between romantic which can be superficial and emotionally intense which doesn't need much in the way of traditionally romantic preparation. Remember, though, that astrology compatibility is more complicated than sun signs alone. She treats them as individuals, not as her possessions or extensions of herself — a rare and wonderful thing.

Libra woman and scorpio woman

Although she will enjoy the attention, she sees flirting as an insult, and her loyal devotion means she will stay faithful to her chosen partner. It seems to Libra that Scorpio does everything out of the ordinary just to seem special, while Scorpio sees Libra as doing everything ordinary just to fit in.

Libra woman and scorpio woman

Libra woman and scorpio woman

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  1. This will be construed as ultimate love, making their emotional relationship ridiculously intense.

  2. A Scorpio in love is alluring and mysterious, her stormy passions unleashed with the force of tempests.

  3. These two Signs can make a very loyal, close and satisfying partnership.

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