Let them eat jellybeans


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Side A begins Flipper, the child of Black Sabbath and the Stooges, and proceeds to speed up for eight more songs. While not all the songs tear up the place like the more well-known hardcore classic cuts, they function as documentation that even when hardcore was beginning to reach its apex, there were no rules. With the smack of the enter button, you can download native Brazilian odes in Finland.

Let them eat jellybeans

Biafra would not re-release the album unless it is in its full, original form. The Half Japanese tune shows that humor, unusual songs, and hardcore can be one big happy family, while the Geza X cut shows that brutal music can come in many forms. With the mere use of your thumbs you can even download Pakistani hymns to your cell phone and convert them to a ringtone.

Let them eat jellybeans

Let them eat jellybeans

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  1. At least two of the cuts on the punk side of the album have never been issued in the same form heard on Let Them Eat Jellybeans. The first side of the LP features songs by a number of bands that formed the canon of American hardcore punk in the s, while the second side features more of an art rock sound.

  2. While there are various explanations given as to why Alternative Tentacles won't release it Greg Ginn won't agree to licensing his song or the Feederz' lead singer ran off with Jello's wife , it all comes down to the fact that as a CD this probably won't ever see the light of day.

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