Lesbian in plane


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She played the character Alice Pieszecki. Southwest also removed director Kevin Smith from a flight last year because he didn't fit properly in a single seat.

Lesbian in plane

Earlier this month the airline kicked off Green Day's lead man, Grammy winner Billie Joe Armstrong, for wearing his trousers too low and failing to follow a flight attendant's directive to pull them up. The show is currently not aired. The Grammy winner was escorted off a plane after failing to follow a flight attendant's directive to pull the pants up.

Lesbian in plane

Lesbian in plane

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  1. Miss Hailey said the encounter between the couple and a flight attendant was recorded.

  2. The Dallas, Texas-based airline said passengers were characterising Hailey's behaviour as excessive.

  3. Herndon Graddick, senior director of programs at GLAAD, said in an email that "GLAAD contacted Southwest to call for additional actions beyond tonight's statement that ensure all customers feel comfortable and welcomed while traveling.

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