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We were a lot more aware of London style, the music scene, and all that stuff which we were looking at from the other side of the channel. He was married to a lady called Brigitte Langevin who had started a magazine which was Glamour, but it was a very French, intellectual version of American Glamour. In the House of Lords, however, Monck's testimony and intercession were effectual, and Lenthall was only declared, in the Act of Indemnity, incapable of holding for the future any public office.


It felt probably more exciting to work with English people than with French people, because we the French are very different from the English. Since , he has been the publisher of Paradis Magazine and in , he co-founded System Magazine. Lenthall was born in Henley-on-Thames , Oxfordshire.



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  1. We are talking mid-eighties here, people that were important back then. Fashion has always been in awe of culture.

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