Lavalier sorority


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Shop our classic sorority crest pendants and fun flip-flop charms engraved with Greek letters of your choice. Sorority sisters have also made our keepsake lavaliers popular Mother's Day gifts.

Lavalier sorority

Girls laveliering their boyfriends, whether Greek or non-Greek is not that common though. In this MenWit write-up, we acquaint you with the Greek lavaliering ceremony. For those very special occasions, shop our elegant Greek pendant designs to dress up your evening out on the town.

Lavalier sorority

Lavalier sorority

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  1. Girls laveliering their boyfriends, whether Greek or non-Greek is not that common though. He can ask permission from his fraternity brothers, and get the monogrammed letters.

  2. Then why the hell are you giving them a piece of jewelry that represents commitment? Post-Lavalier Once a young woman has been given a Greek lavalier by her fraternity beau, it is often predicted that the two will become engaged shortly thereafter.

  3. The Greek lavalier represents the male's commitment, love and devotion to not only his significant other, but also to his fraternity and his brothers.

  4. It is a custom to name them with two or three Greek letters.

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