Lavalier fraternity


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Getting lavalaried by your boyfriend is like a dream come true for most sorority girls. These are basically organizations of undergrad students, and are equivalent to families for most of them. He can ask permission from his fraternity brothers, and get the monogrammed letters.

Lavalier fraternity

The lavaliering is kept a secret by the girl until the candle tradition of sorority. Only a Greek boy or in rare cases girl can lavalier their partner, as the non-Greek ones cannot get the letters.

Lavalier fraternity

Lavalier fraternity

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  1. When a man and a woman begins dating she is known to be pinned. All the brothers gather for the celebration, and the lavalier is presented to the girl.

  2. A Greek lavalier is said to be a level of commitment that will lead to engagement and marriage. Getting lavalaried by your boyfriend is like a dream come true for most sorority girls.

  3. The letters have a long history and symbolism attached to it.

  4. Rules of Lavaliering The Greek letters mean a lot to the fraternity.

  5. Once the relationship becomes more serious, he will then give her a lavalier necklace. Being a part of these groups is an integral part of college life.

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