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One final adjunct of my professional life is coaching people who are trying to make radical dietary changes on the advice of a professional. This is not the truth but the only place I can stand in power.

Laurie agee

Your relationships with others are only as good as — a true reflection of — your relationship with yourself. If there is static or an unclear space in any of my relationships I am looking at how I am responsible and what I can apologize for.

Laurie agee

Laurie agee

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  1. Both departments were quite strong and advanced for the times. If there is static or an unclear space in any of my relationships I am looking at how I am responsible and what I can apologize for.

  2. Staying in love and maintaining a vibrant emotional and sexual connection requires growth, often asking us to awaken our hearts, deepen our compassion, tame our rampant reactivity and fear based self protection.

  3. Western and Eastern influences help shape our growing body of knowledge. In High School, I was both an art and psychology major.

  4. In intimate partnership, the other is either demonstrating love or calling me to be more loving!

  5. As a therapist, I am quite passionate and determined on your behalf.

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