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Their local festivals were held at the same Compitalia shrines, but at different times. A single source describes Romulus' provision of an altar and sacrifice to Lares Grundules "grunting lares" after an unusually large farrowing of thirty piglets.

Lares latin

Some have no particular or descriptive name: In his coming-of-age, a boy gave his personal amulet bulla to his Lares before he put on his manly toga toga virilis. In Petronius' Satyricon, a magistrate's lictor bangs on Trimalchio's door; it causes a fearful stir but in comes Habinnas, one of Augustus' new priests, a stonemason by trade; dressed up in his regalia, perfumed and completely drunk.

Lares latin

Lares latin

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  1. When the young bride entered the house of her husband, her first duty was to offer a sacrifice to the Lares.

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