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The work of knowing and not knowing 0 Jun 18, On today's show: She was never easy on me.

Laineys gossip

A couple of years ago, I visited St Andrews University in Scotland for a work assignment and I thought to myself — man, when I was in university, I was too young and stupid! But I never engage.

Laineys gossip

Laineys gossip

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  1. She wanted me to improve, to constantly work on learning more, think faster and train my mind. But it involves books not mine and style.

  2. She told me that my mind could be my protector and my weapon, and that knowledge was something no one could take from you.

  3. What is the best advice your mother ever gave you?

  4. I also consult on special fundraising campaigns. People yell at me on Twitter a lot.

  5. Celebrity style is an entire ecosystem unto itself.

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