Lafayette indiana flea market


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They are regarded as one of the best Flea Markets in West Lafayette area. Either one person in there goes outside and smokes 15 packs a day, or they are sneaking 'smokes' inside the store.

Lafayette indiana flea market

I have nothing more to say really, just that if you're a thrifter, this will definitely be your jam. The place might look kind of sketch from the outside and, sure, it's labyrinthine, but this place has something for just about any kind of thrift nut. Trader Bucks is a really good Flea Market.

Lafayette indiana flea market

Lafayette indiana flea market

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  1. I stayed for about 45 minutes.

  2. You have to be careful of the steps up and down in random places throughout the store.

  3. This place was interesting.

  4. I had never been here before and didn't expect it to be so large!! They have a ton of dust collectors--you know, your decorative plates and heart-warming knick-knacks.

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