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How is it that Colognia's prices are so much lower than department stores? Some might even have the word 'tester' or demonstration written on the bottle.

Lady stetson cologne

What is a tester? If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Lady stetson cologne

Lady stetson cologne

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  1. What is a miniature? ABOUT US Colognia was launched in as one of the first fragrance distributors to go online when the internet debuted, with a little less than 1, fragrances.

  2. Testers are products manufactured by the original designer of the fragrances for promotional purposes only. These products contain 5 mL - 15 mL of the perfume.

  3. They are exactly the same as the original perfume, only they do not come in its designer box.

  4. In some cases, they are more concentrated and better for more people to attract. The sizes vary depending on the products.

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