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A bore was sunk in for the mining settlement and has never failed since. Quilpie is rich in grazing history beginning with the pioneering efforts of families such as the Costello's, Tully's and Duracks. The opal occurs as a filling or lining between the concentric layers or in radial or random cracks in the ironstone, or as a kernel in smaller concretions or nuts.

Koroit qld

In this lease of feet by feet was taken up by a group of Germans. Nearby mines include Leopardwood. The Opalton Field is located about km by road south-southwest of Winton.

Koroit qld

Koroit qld

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  1. The earliest reference to the Yowah fields tells of the discovery of Opal in an area now known as the Water Claim at Whiskey Flat. Nuts range in size from about 5mm to mm across, are spherical or ellipsoidal in shape, showing alternate concentric rings or bands of light and dark brown siliceous ironstone.

  2. Rarely, there is a solid kernel of precious opal inside - which is the ultimate find.

  3. The famed red jasper-like 'boulder band' is etremely hard and also capable of revealing brilliant faces of colour from thin horizontal veins of opal. Koroit produces seam opal, brilliant nut opal and incredibly beautiful matrix picture stones.

  4. Opals were also sold in London from this mine in and The Lease to crown was 18 pounds per year, but the opals were not very stable and hard to find in the rock cavities At the time this deposit was compared to the Hungarian and Mexican mines, as no one had seen volcanic opal from Australia in those early days.

  5. This is now the only mineral lease for Opal which holds good. Winton is recognised as the 'home' of Australian bush poetry, hosting the annual Bronze Swagman Award, one of the country's most prestigious literary awards.

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