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The mother feared she and her daughter would be killed at the end of it. Zits launched in July in more than newspapers, one of the strongest comic strip introductions in years.

Kombi van tattoo

How could a hulking man, centimetres tall and weighing kilograms, who always travelled with a gun - in the end it was an arsenal - have seen them as any threat? A policeman carrying a shotgun kicked him to the ground and other officers fell on him, ending one of the biggest manhunts in Australian criminal history.

Kombi van tattoo

Kombi van tattoo

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  1. She managed to escape from his truck and hid in the bush for five hours before flagging down a passing truck on the Stuart Highway. Her hands were manacled behind her back with the cable ties made of unbreakable industrial plastic.

  2. What was the motive for the crimes?

  3. Wild said that if there were discrepancies in her story it was because she was traumatised by the events of that night. But by late Murdoch and Hepi had had a bitter falling out over drugs and money.

  4. There is only one judgement that is practised by the law in the Northern Territory, and that is imprisonment for life. This was no drug deal gone wrong, one of many unsubstantiated and cruel rumours that have been swirling about this unusual case that generated worldwide fascination with the outback.

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