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Determination and patience are also two key skills that you need in cheer that you could use in any other situation in life. Do you guys use social media platforms? Flexibility, fitness and time management all improve upon becoming involved with cheer, and the biggest skill learnt overall is the ability to work as a team!

Kingston cougars

Kingston Cougars consists of a group of the most amazing friendships and support systems for everyone involved, so next season we hope that we can once again form a close knit group who love and support each and every member of the team, and maintain the positive and friendly attitude that we have as a team! Every person is important.

Kingston cougars

Kingston cougars

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  1. Basquine was proud of her players after the match: However, as we are a really diverse team with many students of different nationalities, we also love watching teams such as New Zealand, Top Gun, Thailand and NU Pep Squad — all phenomenal and awe inspiring teams!

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