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Who were the artists responsible for them? Chapter 1 introduces the subject and takes off from the recent works on mammals at the global level, provides an historical perspective on mammal studies in South Asia and concludes with a note on recent phylogenetic changes at supraordinal levels.

Khulna magi

Medieval drawings exist in a wide variety of forms, occurring in bound manuscripts as well as in independent sheets, examples of which are included in this volume: It is through scrutiny of these drawings in all their rich variety that we gain insight into the creative and intellectual concerns of medieval artists, patrons, and readers. Drawings appear with surprising frequency in the Middle Ages, and were considered fitting for the embellishment of important and lavish books as well as for humbler tomes.

Khulna magi

Khulna magi

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  1. The book is divided in to three chapters.

  2. These and other questions are addressed in this volume, which accompanies a major exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York that is the first to consider the accomplishments of the medieval draftsman in depth.

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