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While Coppa struggled with her difficult decision, Cavill was exposed to something that made men in wheelchairs seem macho and in control. I just said it, and I don't think I meant to say it out loud, but I did, and he heard me," she said. But because of that fact, I now have an opportunity to become a movie star… Chuckles …and to go along for the ride, which was wild.

Keith cavill

But, one day, four years ago, something terrible happened. Wheelchair rugby would open a new world for him. The moment finally arrived to tell him she was leaving.

Keith cavill

Keith cavill

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  1. His life now centers around honing his wheelchair rugby skills. But, he now says it was the best thing that could have happened.

  2. Keith, the first one was at University of Cincinnati, right?

  3. Like, they had shot a lot of the rugby footage, but they also wanted to get kind of a different perspective.

  4. And thank you, Keith!

  5. What kind of music do you listen to? She spent a lot of late nights in hospitals, and her whole life had become care giving.

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