Just between friends bremerton


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I enjoy getting to know moms and grandma's in my area. This is the most organize event I have ever been involved in.

Just between friends bremerton

I like waiting for JBF rather than consigning at a store because I can actually monitor sales and having my unsold items prepped for pick up. As a consignor, I make enough money from my family's used items to help replenish their closets! The team even helped me at 11pm figure out how to fold the new stroller I bought.

Just between friends bremerton

Just between friends bremerton

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Everybody was after and helpful. I dating searching at Japan JBF. We list while shopping, chat while happening and more.
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  1. The prices, variety, quality, and the people! And maybe have some seats along the way if the line to the check out.

  2. The volunteers are amazing! Consistent quality items and a huge variety.

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