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But surely even a different curse would solve the whole P-chan problem, right? Additionally, Jusenkyo is unplottable, though its general location is known.


You do remember what we agreed on last week about keeping stuff from each other. However this causes the curses to merely merge together. A more attractive side of the Bayankala Mountain Range.



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  1. When splashed with cold water, the beautiful dark haired girl turns into a six armed, 3 headed goddess with immense power. Those who are queasy of reading things about skunks and living water, this is your last warning.

  2. Curing Edit Jusenkyo curses are very stubborn, permanent things for which no reliable cure has ever as yet been discovered. How are they going to live their lives cursed?

  3. Anyone cursed by Jusenkyou interacts with the magical world like a squib, instead of like a muggle.

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