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Readings from Humanism to Postmodernism Rabelais' jocoserious pseudo-romance capturing all discourses takes up in Book III the problem of the uncertainty of our judgments and the need for Erasmian faith. This is an intricate but humane treatise on 'folly' in Ulysses which finds the three major personae 'richly consistent' and the sources of their selfhood 'surprisingly familiar and traditional.


The problem is posited more acutely as the collapse of cultural authority in Each of them demonstrates over and over again the pleasures of close engagement with Joyce's words, and conveys the sense of an ideal seminar in which careful attention to minutiae is balanced by an informed sense of larger structures and tonalities.



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  1. John Neary, 5 Objects of Desire:

  2. In the process, he offers new insight into many familiar characters and episodes.

  3. You are not currently authenticated. This book is chockablock with information, references, discoveries, and insights.

  4. This devaluing of Stephen makes Leopold Bloom's warmth towards him a puzzle for Bell, especially as Bloom—whom Bell rightly celebrates as an outstanding exemplar of the heroic fool—strenuously urges the younger man to break with Mulligan. This is original, incisive, and enlightening criticism, a fresh approach to Ulysses that analyzes the levels and depths of its humor in a language that is consciously witty.

  5. View freely available titles: Seidman, 4 Like and Unlike God:

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