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Their last show was broadcast on 16 December TSL was remarkable as one of the few successful comedy programs that was substantially improvised.

Jjj abc

J-Files[ edit ] The weekly J-Files show has had two incarnations over the years. Marius Webb , one of the station's co-ordinators recalls an ABC executive informing him: In Dave hosted the Saturday evening timeslot, called Saturday Night.

Jjj abc

Jjj abc

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  1. It is believed that Double Jay was the first radio station in the world to play their debut single "Rock Lobster". A 's protest song " Fuck tha Police " for up to six months, before catching the attention of ABC management who subsequently banned it.

  2. As a result of the import sales that were generated by Double Jay airplay — it became the highest selling import album that year — the company decided to release it locally.

  3. Originally from South Africa, Wayne was fondly remembered by a listener for the year anniversary event: During the more conservative media climate that emerged in the Fraser years, 2JJ staff were frequently accused of left-wing bias.

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