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The Significance and Scope of the Consensus Reached E calls the concupiscence that remains in the justified a 'contradiction to God' and thus qualifies it as sin" VELKD 82, They do not thereby deny that this inclination does not correspond to God's original design for humanity and that it is objectively in contradiction to God and remains one's enemy in lifelong struggle.


Although the Reformers attack 'Godless trust' in one's own works, the Council explicitly excludes any notion of a claim or any false security cap. But if he believes in this sense, he cannot at the same time believe that God is unreliable in his word of promise.



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  1. References in periodicals archive? Chief among these is the "justification" of sinful human beings by God's grace through faith Rom 3:

  2. By rejecting the tenets of the Protestant understanding of the Gospel and declaring its proponents anathema, Trent endorsed the view that sinners could not be justified by faith alone; instead, Catholicism insisted on an ongoing journey of good works punctuated by the sacraments administered by the church. According to Pope Francis, non-Catholic Christians are already united in baptism n.

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