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Chronic users of online sites are counting on increasingly tailor-made partners materializing at the other end of their searches. Audience The profiles are quite detailed and profile pictures are visible to everyone for free. I'll leave you with this gem that I plan on cherishing forever:

Jdate quick

Hellllooooo, John Krasinskis, your shiksa awaits! I head back to my profile and click on the final notch -- Compatibility. You don't even have to be "willing to convert", but I go ahead and check that box anyway.

Jdate quick

Jdate quick

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  1. How I Gamed Online Dating to Meet My Match, a shamelessly nerdy, algorithm-loaded tome in which she argues that anyone can stack the romantic odds in their favour using the Internet.

  2. Does being exceedingly specific mean less compromise in our relationships, and is compromise worth losing in the modern age?

  3. Which section do I click on first?

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