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The show aired for three seasons, but was cancelled near the end of the third season due to poor ratings, only to be renewed later. He had a time-consuming radio show In , Mohr started hosting a daily, three-hour sports talk radio show called Jay Mohr Sports. It was ostensibly canceled because of low ratings, although Mohr later blamed the network for the show's demise, saying that ESPN wouldn't promote his show and tried to micromanage it.

Jay mohr new tv show

Mohr has a son, Jackson, [21] from his six-year marriage to former model Nicole Chamberlain. Tales from a Stand-Up Dad.

Jay mohr new tv show

Jay mohr new tv show

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  1. Mohr has a son, Jackson, [21] from his six-year marriage to former model Nicole Chamberlain. Tales from a Stand-Up Dad.

  2. After emerging as a featured player on Saturday Night Live in the early '90s as a masterful celebrity impressionist his Christopher Walken and Buddy Hackett were especially spot-on , Mohr landed roles in projects as disparate as Jerry Maguire and The Ghost Whisperer, as well as hosting and producing the comedy competition Last Comic Standing. In , Mohr starred in the television series Action , in which he played sleazy film producer Peter Dragon.

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