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Achieving each movement with precision within a single attempt will be rewarded with maximum points, each attempt after dropping in points. Participants will have a limited number of attempts to complete the challenges.


Please be aware that certain parts of the gym may be off limits at different times. This is all about performing fundamental parkour skills, so work on your vaults, laches, strides, tacs, and arm jumps. Skill A series of pre-determined challenges involving one or more specific movements that require confidence and precision.



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  1. Participants are scored on flow, difficulty, execution, and overall impression. Video submissions are for Style only.

  2. Sport Parkour provides an alternative way for parkour practitioner to challenges themselves and improve not only their physical skills but also their mental preparedness and ability to perform under pressure. Participants will have up to 1 minute to make their way through the course, attempting to perform any number of fundamental and acrobatic skills in a single run.

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