Ixnay on the upidstay


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American Gods rather meta, by the way: Eway are not orthyway! Heinlein , under the theory that non-native speakers won't be able to understand it.

Ixnay on the upidstay

The following dialogue occurs: In Tim Powers ' The Anubis Gates , the time-travelling protagonist writes himself a note across the centuries, using Pig Latin and s slang to ensure nobody else who reads it in the meantime will understand it.

Ixnay on the upidstay

Ixnay on the upidstay

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  1. The following dialogue occurs:

  2. It describes a day at the farm in Latin and Pig Latin. Offesionalpray Estlingwray The term " Kayfabe " is thought to originate from a pig-latin version of "be fake".

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