Italian etiquette and customs


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You need not strive for fluency; even just mastering a few basic words and terms is bound to make chatting with the locals more rewarding. Some people say you must never take wine, although this obviously depends on your hosts and how well you know them.

Italian etiquette and customs

Keep your wineglass almost full if you don't want a refill. First impressions are lasting impressions in Italy. Roll pasta with your fork on the sides of your pasta plate.

Italian etiquette and customs

Italian etiquette and customs

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  1. The reasoning for this linguistic eccentricity is best explained by Luigi Barzini in his seminal book, The Italians. Funny how such a supposedly warm population likes to keep this type of formality, right?

  2. This is useful for anyone researching Italian culture, customs, manners, etiquette, values and wanting to understand the people better.

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