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They firmly believed that the legacy of Prophet Muhammad could only be entrusted to a member of his own family, in whom the Prophet had invested his authority through designation before his death. The family does not preside over any country or geographic territory.

Ismali muslims

She appointed the Dai in Yemen to run religious affairs. Both parties could rightfully defend their claims, but due to escalated misunderstandings, the Battle of the Camel was fought and Aisha was defeated but was respectfully escorted to Medina by Ali. Later to be known as the Druze, they believe Al-Hakim to be the manifestation of God and the prophesied Mahdi, who would one day return and bring justice to the world.

Ismali muslims

Ismali muslims

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  1. This Imamat is subsequently handed down by each Imam to a successor whom he designates and appoints from among his male descendants. While he was unable to do this, he nonetheless defeated their forces in subsequent battles.

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