Is urantia a cult


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There is no official interpretation of The Urantia Book, and Urantia Foundation does not claim or exercise any form of authority over understanding or belief. The concepts found in the Urantia Book, and their mode of expression, have no peer in the spiritual literature of mankind. The Urantia Book Fellowship, the sponsor of this website, is the oldest and largest international readership association, providing conferences, publications, study aids and other services since

Is urantia a cult

Many types of celestial beings are enumerated in the book, and one of particular note is a joint "offspring" of the Universal Father and Eternal Son called a "Creator Son. Several audio books of the text are also on the Internet. Some concepts in the Urantia Book have never before been expressed in print.

Is urantia a cult

Is urantia a cult

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  1. With respect to the doctrine of scriptural inerrancy, the Urantia Book teaches that all things which pass through the minds and hands of men become to a greater or lesser extent human, and that no book, the Urantia Book included, contains The Final Truth. The road map isn't the highway.

  2. The Father dwells within us, and in him we live and move and have our being. The thousands of details discussed in the Urantia Book's eighteen hundred pages from various perspectives agree remarkably.

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