Is the dog whisperer gay


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We need a picture of his bookcover, and maybe a couple public domain images of dogs or Mexico to spice up the article. I agree that the stuff about the interview being recorded and the TV shows about elephants are superfluous and possibly prejudicial, but perhaps that last sentence should be put back into the article in some form or other. I don't think there would be that much controversey if Cesar Millan just referred to himself as a "Dog Trainer".

Is the dog whisperer gay

Unable to clarify his definition of "calm-assertive," Millan also agreed that his methods are not replicable and his show should not be considered a "how-to. I ask politely that those who only pop in without a commitment, please do not revert or change editing in progress without comment.

Is the dog whisperer gay

Is the dog whisperer gay

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