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We then began chemo in August and only two months later, our oncologist told us that the chemo was causing more damage to Brett than helping him. We immediately went a local university, where we had been seeing a doctor we trusted due to him treating a family member in the past. The final day was so hard and even though we knew it was coming we still weren't ready to say goodbye.

Is mistied a word

The one she tried to push away as a teen. These words forever changed my life in June of , when the love of my life, my husband, Brett, was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer at the age of Full of hidden vision, wonder, and forgotten sounds and odors.

Is mistied a word

Is mistied a word

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  1. Fate and God brought us back together again 13 years later as our sisters went to their class reunion and I was going through a divorce and he never married, so they exchanged our numbers and a week later we were on our first date again. He finally stopped working in May only because he physically couldn't do it anymore and we transformed our office into our bedroom on the main floor.

  2. The one she tried to push away as a teen.

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