Iron clothing rocky comfort waistband


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I don't love him. I've had so-called slim fit shirts altered, and even had a shirt custom-made by the good people of Asia it took like 2 months and didn't come out that well.

Iron clothing rocky comfort waistband

I needed new shirts anyway, so if I have to live with continuing to have Rocky the Flying squirrel flaps until I burn through 4 more shirts, so be it. You'd be amazed how much better of a fit you get from taking a few inches out of the waist of a shirt. Jeans - you are blowing them out because you are buying cheap jeans.

Iron clothing rocky comfort waistband

Iron clothing rocky comfort waistband

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  1. The difference is in the cost structure of developing and distributing the goods, as well as in the manufacturing tolerance of the creation of the pants--which you don't care about, because you're getting them tailored anyways!

  2. Sometimes I even wear shirts which are too small in the neck with a "button extender" but it looks ridiculous, as you can imagine.

  3. These types of threads always get started. For folk like Skillin that have too much room around the waist, I have one pro tip, learn to use a sewing machine.

  4. Most normal adult males don't have this problem. On the second visit, if the hip area has been accurately fitted, THEN I tell them to hem the bottoms full break, obviously.

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