Introverts and intimacy


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If you wanna get to their heart and in their pants , be brutally honest. If we are being true to our introverted nature, we have a deep and meaningful connection with our own mind and spirit.

Introverts and intimacy

Being intimately aware of who we are and what we believe prepares us for intimacy with others. These factors mean introvert dating is likely to be more successful at finding a long term partner than the social butterfly, speed dating lifestyle more common in those with an extroverted nature. They have supersonic senses and can experience sex with every molecule in their bodies.

Introverts and intimacy

Introverts and intimacy

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  1. Creating intimacy with another person involves a level of honesty and transparency that can feel a whole lot like going skinny dipping … in a public pool … in broad daylight. The many happy relationships between couples with a mix of introversion and extroversion stands as a refutation to that myth.

  2. Introverts soften and open up—if you engage their interests and passions. You can discover more insights and advice related to introvert relationships in my Introvert Connection Guide.

  3. And the next after that? If we are being true to our introverted nature, we have a deep and meaningful connection with our own mind and spirit.

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