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I don't know why soapy water wouldn't work on roaches if you can soak them with the spray. The sealed tent concentrates the poisonous gases and prevents them from escaping into the neighborhood. Bed Bug infestations are difficult to deal with, and success depends on the thoroughness of the preparation, treatment and the follow-up.


All clothing or linens to be cleaned need to be sealed in plastic bags and taken immediately to the laundry area. Ask your garden supply store about rotenone and pyrethrum. Oxi6 offers An effective, reliable pest control program is needed to control and reduce damage inflicted by pests during shipping, storage of agricultural goods, food and feed production and processing.



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  1. Since an open door is an invitation for pests to come inside, any door or loading dock area that is left open for long periods becomes an easy target of entry for pests. Have the area inspected thoroughly, as well as all other areas in close proximity.

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