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Once open the Avatar Pose file displays the avatar in "Texture" mode with the underlying skeleton set to "X-Ray" see-through mode for visibility. The "T" stance is useful as a starting point because the mesh is generally positioned at its most relaxed, there are few kinks or distortions, especially under the arms, at the elbows or knees, pinch-points where the mesh can collapse when over-manipulated.

Imvu custom avatar

Then in the "Skeletal Animation" section below, select the imported pose file from the XAF drop-down list; change "Composition" to "Replace" and set a "Loop start" and "end" point that matches the pose frames previously marked in Blender, for example frames "2" and "9". Idle" to automatically start the pose the moment the item is put on by the wearer. To change, the reference needs to be modified in Blender then re-exported to fbx Finally in the "Apply scale:

Imvu custom avatar

Imvu custom avatar

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