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Once the methodology was in place and we had settled on a look, I spent most of my time adjusting the speed of the forest expansion and working on the animation of the individual trees. It was this thinking that guided us to the collaboration with IDV on the development of tools to animate the growth of the trees directly within the software itself.

Ilm mature

Trees Some frost sensitive trees such as Ficus and Sissou trees will have likely been damaged by the heavy frost. It had to follow a particular path at a defined rate. Here are examples of frost damaged trees and shrubs, which we will tend to accordingly::

Ilm mature

Ilm mature

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  1. I remember there was a point when we wanted to add wind to the trees; I wondered if it would be too much to ask. He also wanted all the trees to grow at different speeds.

  2. It had to follow a particular path at a defined rate.

  3. Freeze came leaves brown.

  4. As the tree starts to fully recover then any dead branches or limbs should be removed, obviously avoiding any extreme temperatures which might the trees in further stress.

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