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Agnosticism is expert open mindedness inside this debate. Some philosophers have seen ignosticism as superfluous neologism; because it is simply a variation of agnosticism or atheism. Once one broaches the threshold of implying such underlying extraordinary claims — as often expressed in the contention that others are materially incorrect, correct or irrelevant; to the ignostic, one is now participating in a religious argument.

Ignostic atheist

And while one cannot step back to a status of pure virginosticism — ignosticism can be a viable alternative to knowledge based lacks of belief agnosticism and atheism. Indeed in this nascent field of ideas, independent author Tristan Vick makes the argument that ignosticism, is the only valid pathway to atheism.

Ignostic atheist

Ignostic atheist

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  1. Such imperious claims are indicative of a heart which was never ready to make its own selection in the first place.

  2. Difference between ignosticism and agnosticism The agnostic and here I use Huxley's intended meaning makes the claim that we cannot know anything about God, whereas the ignostic claims that we cannot even form an opinion of God. This is especially possible in some Eastern religions where supernatural myths can be easily disconnected from the subject matter in question such as Bhuddism or Taoism.

  3. Therefore, you are wholly unqualified to instruct me that this realm is the only realm which exists, and efforts to do so constitute a religious activity.

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