Ignore the narcissist


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Not to mention, can we talk for a second about how insulting it is for an abuse victim to simply turn themselves into a boring shell of a person just to avoid the wrath of a narcissist? Because all the ways I had felt as a child, and how I had grown up to treat myself … feeling not good enough, feeling loved with conditions, feeling not heard, not able to have my own rights, and not being capable to generate my own life … were all the aspects of myself under serious threat again. I know from my own personal experience, and as a result of helping many people in this Community heal from narcissistic abuse, one of the biggest hooks we have that keeps us going back for more is crisis consciousness.

Ignore the narcissist

It should not be your go-to strategy. They drive you crazy on the verge of psychotic and after a while, you begin to question your own sanity. So, to prevent this from happening to you, carefully read these signs on how to spot a narcissist and how to deal with him.

Ignore the narcissist

Ignore the narcissist

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  1. This is only possible when we start the determined work on our Inner Game — the detoxing of our inner trauma and reprogramming of our painful beliefs.

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