Igi lab report


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This work is more complex than the analysis of loose stones. Most of the world's diamonds and gemstones are already set into jewelry. This means that the presence of metal parts surrounding the gemstone s allowed IGI graders to provide detailed information but perhaps not as accurately as in an un-mounted situation.

Igi lab report

The IGI Identification Report is based on a precious stone analysis, which is designed to identify the species and variety of a colored gem. In addition to providing coverage information for insurance companies, IGI Gemological Appraisal Reports provide vital documentation for estate executors, financial planners, public accountants, retailers, consumers, and jewelers. In these cases the words "approximate" and "range" are clearly used in descriptors.

Igi lab report

Igi lab report

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  1. These reports can be converted into Appraisal Reports upon request.

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