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Avoid, then respond to an attack from the front. I was 16 years old when I started practicing Iaido with a group of friends with whom I was doing short films. What kind of uniform or clothing is Iaido practiced in?

Iaido singapore

How has Iaido changed or influenced your life? How has Iaido changed or influenced your life? The techniques themselves dealt with many situations such as a sudden attack by several opponents, a surprise attack while bowing to someone, an enemy lying in wait behind a sliding door or an attack in a darkened room.

Iaido singapore

Iaido singapore

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  1. Colors are limited to white, navy blue, or black.

  2. I always find it interesting to push my body to a certain limit and especially breaking the normality in our day to day life. In your opinion what is the purpose or most important lesson that people can learn from Iaido?

  3. I was 16 years old when I started practicing Iaido with a group of friends with whom I was doing short films. Guillaume sensei has been sharing his knowledge about Iaido in Singapore since

  4. When I first started, focus and concentration were areas where Iaido taught me the most.

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