I m a blowfish


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Less fortunate was Bando Mitsugoro VIII, a famous kabuki actor who, in , demanded four fugu livers, no less, in a Kyoto restaurant. Tetradoxin is hundreds of times more deadly than the equivalent amount of cyanide, and the average puffer fish contains enough to kill 30 adults. What does the blow fish do, Jesse?

I m a blowfish

What does the blow fish do, Jesse? A blowfish, think about it. What does the blow fish do?

I m a blowfish

I m a blowfish

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  1. He had just taken the blame for killing a man when in fact someone else did. Their interest concerns the sex chromosomes of the fish, which, as with humans, come in two forms:

  2. When animals began having sex, they used an environmental method to make males and females.

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