How to perform the vulcan nerve pinch


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Press your thumb or knuckle into the radial nerve. The Vulcan Nerve Pinch can quickly render an unsuspecting opponent unconscious; the pinch has its roots in martial arts.

How to perform the vulcan nerve pinch

Home Again, Part 2 this time successfully. In another episode actor Leonard Nimoy attempts to use the move on Bender unsuccessfully , first remarking "Let's see if this actually works. The nerve pinch has been shown being used on animals.

How to perform the vulcan nerve pinch

How to perform the vulcan nerve pinch

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  1. As a martial arts expert once said, "If you're depending on this move to save you in a street fight, you deserve to get beat up.

  2. Physiology The pinch to the subclavian artery has been compared to the karate chop , which was used in other s television series to render opponents unconscious.

  3. It wasn't until The Next Generation that we saw a plain ol' human perform the nerve pinch. It is later called the "Vulcan Squeezy-thing" by Spencer at the end of the episode.

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