How to know if a taurus man loves you


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He is definitely interested, but due to his nature he is going to back off and wait to make sure that you are just as "in" as he is before making a move. And, a bit of advice:

How to know if a taurus man loves you

Some couples try to extend this limbo period for as long as possible, and there are total benefits to doing this, but be careful to not extend it too long or you risk creating a complicated situation for yourself. In this subtle way he is showing you he is interested in you romantically and wants to pursue you!

How to know if a taurus man loves you

How to know if a taurus man loves you

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  1. When a Taurus guy likes you, he will never be late to an engagement the two of you have planned and he will bend over backward to make time for you.

  2. Trust me, find the perfect Taurus male specimen and lay the bait.

  3. Taurus men are the natural lovers of the Zodiac but they take their time to show how much they are, and they remain hard to read and strange in their behavior until they feel completely comfortable and safe.

  4. If you have a Taurus guy in your life who wants to help you get through the problems life throws your way, listen to him.

  5. But, we can always hope for the future.

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