How to handle a stalker


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Keep them close by and accessible even when you are asleep or in the bathroom. Narcissists are cowards and easily intimidated. Mail -If you are wary of any mail that is delivered to you, either give it straight to the police without opening it, or put gloves on so you do not put your fingerprints on it.

How to handle a stalker

I understand it might be embarrassing to talk about. Diary of events - Keep a diary of what happens and how you are feeling.

How to handle a stalker

How to handle a stalker

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  1. A typical stalker invades his or her victim's privacy a few times long before the crucial and injurious encounter.

  2. Record the date and time of the call as well as the details even if they were unanswered or silent calls.

  3. The standard - and good - advice is to avoid all contact with your stalker, to ignore him, even as you take precautions. Hence the catch of coping with stalkers:

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