How to get an erection wikihow


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Excuse yourself to a private place and make sure you have a towel or napkin to clean up after you're done. If you have tried making changes to your lifestyle, and you are still struggling to maintain an erection, make an appointment with your healthcare provider. The zipper in your pants creates a natural kind of bulge anyway, so it'll be less obvious if you can tuck it in that direction.

How to get an erection wikihow

That way, you can prevent getting desensitized by viewing things that would never happen in your life. For some men, low testosterone is the cause of their ED. Men and women with a partner struggling with ED often blame themselves for not satisfying their partner.

How to get an erection wikihow

How to get an erection wikihow

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  1. Before attempting to overcome ED on your own, it's very important to make an appointment with your doctor and clear up any other issues that might be affecting your ability to sustain an erection. Don't flick too hard, though, or you might injure yourself!

  2. Over time, your erection will just naturally go away. Erections are only awkward if you make them awkward.

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