How to fondle a girls boobs


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It is important that we pay attention to the whole breast, trying not to press too hard in order to avoid causing her any pain. Start with the outside of her breasts and move inwards. Is her body language open facing toward you or is it closed arms crossed in front of her, for example.

How to fondle a girls boobs

If she likes what you are doing, you can start trying different places on her body. You can give the girl a hug and begin caressing her as you do so to prolong the hug and make her feel good. Girls love it when guys play with their hair and caress it.

How to fondle a girls boobs

How to fondle a girls boobs

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  1. Every girl is different in the physical category of relationships. The sensation of the mouth is very nice on the breasts of a woman due to its heat and wetness, which will encourage her excitement to rise significantly - as long as we do so with care, except on those women who like more abrupt movements.

  2. It is important to use a gentle touch when you caress a girl.

  3. There are some types of caressing that are appropriate for a public setting, while others are not. Try gently pinching and pay attention to stimuli that causes her to breathe rapidly, moan or move - that way you'll know where the limits of her pleasure are.

  4. Does she keep looking at you when she catches you looking? Hugging can be an effective way to start caressing a girl and hugging is a common practice in new relationships.

  5. If you notice her hair has come undone, or is in her way, brush it off her face.

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