How to eat pusssy


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How do you treat the clitoris? Thrust your fingers in and out, with the curl motion if you can manage but establish a rhythm.

How to eat pusssy

Lick at her clitoris, play with it with your fingers and your tongue. Feel how wet she is and slowly insert one of your fingers. The fact you want to do it is awesome.

How to eat pusssy

How to eat pusssy

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  1. Focus on it until she reaches orgasm. Let her lie on her back, tell her how beautiful and hot her pussy is.

  2. Use your tongue and slowly go around the edges of her vulva and labia.

  3. Finish like a bulldog eating a bowl of oatmeal.

  4. Appreciate the beauty of what you see. And yes, knowing about the clitoris can and will change your life.

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