How to dominate a woman emotionally


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Make no mistake now… Techniques like Fractionation are psychologically manipulative , no question about it. Ever heard of a sports team pulling together after a disappointing loss?

How to dominate a woman emotionally

When it comes right down to the heart of what turns women on, most men may be surprised to learn, that: They impact all relations in a society, i. No woman will let you go out like that.

How to dominate a woman emotionally

How to dominate a woman emotionally

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  1. And you know what? Guys have been known to use Shogun Method to harm women emotionally and leave behind a trail of heartbroken females in their wake.

  2. She will also want to know your reasons.

  3. And you know what…. Arguments and crying will increase her devotion to you.

  4. It exploits a flaw in the female psyche which states that women have a natural tendency to chase whatever is running away from them. He is faithful and devoted stops turning his head to look at other women.

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