How to deal with male chauvinist


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Malayali women have indeed been laughing at him — for example, Aysha Mahmood through her tape-up-that-foul-mouth campaign. Share on Whatsapp Shares 1.

How to deal with male chauvinist

But God the Creator, made the snowflake, each and everyone, special and beautiful. The fact is there are still men who have never, at least in their own minds, encountered an intelligent, capable-of-doing-almost-anything woman of substance. If he is going to the extent of demeaning you or harassing you in any way, it is better to complain to higher authorities or to the human resources department.

How to deal with male chauvinist

How to deal with male chauvinist

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  1. They have spent their entire lives grousing to other men and come from the generation that believed women should be seen and not heard.

  2. Find ways to help him achieve his goals.

  3. I finally found a pair of heels that worked, and I'd wear my flats whenever he wasn't around.

  4. What is a chauvinist? Start searching for better opportunities.

  5. I can instantaneously shut it off, my survival mechanism. Instead of trying to change them, be firm in your approach.

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